3 Best Gaming Headphones under 10000

best gaming headphones

Nowadays the craze of online gaming is increasing day by day. whether it is mobile gaming or PC gaming or gaming consoles, the sound plays a major roll in online video gaming. we need a better sound quality to enhance our gaming experience while playing. For better sound quality we need the best gaming headphones or best gaming headsets which should have better sound quality as well as a better microphone for a quality conversation with our teams or opponents.

Headphones are of 3 types on the basis of their fittings in our eaíî rs. One is in-ear headphones, 2nd one is on-ear headphones and the last one is over-lol which give us the best sound quality and widely used for gaming purposes.

There are many companies making their headphones for gaming purposes. Some of them are premium and more costly. So we are listing out below the name and specifications of the 3 best affordable gaming headphones (tested) of the different price ranges for you. From which you can buy any of them according to your budget and can take the best gaming experience.

Best Gaming Headphones under 10000

HyperX HX-HSCSC-BK Cloud Stinger
HyperX Cloud II
Parameters HyperX HX-HSCSC-BK Cloud Stinger HyperX Cloud HX-HSCLS-BL/EM HyperX Cloud II
Compatible with PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile device PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile device  PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Mobile device
Audio type Stereo stereo 7.1 surround sound
Driver 40mm diameter 53 mm diameter 53 mm diameter
Frequency characteristic 20-20,000Hz 15-25,000Hz 15-25,000Hz
Audio control Inline stereo Advanced audio control box
Active Noise Cancelation Present Present Present
Connection type 3.5mm (4 poles) 3.5mm (4 poles) 3.5mm (4 poles)
Fitting type Over ear Over ear Over ear
PC extension cable No No USB
Warrenty 2 Year 2 Year 2 Year
Offer Approx 15% off Approx 25% off Approx 23% off

For gaming, we can use both wired and wireless headphones. But wireless headphones are more expensive than wired headphones. So in this list, we have listed only the wired Headphones as these are coming under budget Gaming Headphones. If you want to read reviews about the best gaming headphones in the premium price segment, then comment below and we will cover it in the next blog.

HyperX HX-HSCSC-BK Cloud Stinger

  • The cloud stinger core is the best gaming headphones under 10000 for beginners and perfect entry-level headset for the console gamer who is looking for great sound quality.
  • This headset provides all the basic aspects that gamers want from their headset; great sound quality, comfort, convenience, and reliability.
  • Cloud stinger core is multi-console compatible and features audio controls right on the cable, so you don’t have to navigate through menus to adjust your volume or mute the mic.
  • An adjustable steel slider and soft ear cushions provide comfort for those long nights of gaming, and the flexible, swiveling mic lets you position the microphone just where you want it.
  • Cloud stinger core’s closed cup design and directional 40mm drivers keep you immersed in your gaming, and it comes back with free tech support.


  • The HyperX Cloud headset is coming under medium range category under “best gaming headphones under 10000” and officially licensed by Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC and designed for the PlayStation 4 systems.
  • Built specifically for the PS4 gamer, it provides immersive audio, outstanding comfort to keep you gaming into the night.
  • HyperX Cloud was designed to be durable and features a sturdy aluminum frame to ensure that your headset will hang just as tough as you can. Chat with your friends with the noise-canceling microphone and use your superior communication to lead your squad to victory as your foes take the L.
  • The convenient in-line controls put the power to mute your mic and adjust your audio at your fingertips. If you’re in the mood for music or want to enjoy the lush sounds of your favorite epic single-player PS4 games through headphones, just detach and store the mic.

HyperX Cloud II

  • The HyperX Cloud II is the best headphone under “best gaming headphones under 10000” category.
  • It features a redesigned USB sound card audio control box that amplifies audio and voice for an optimal Hi-Fi gaming experience, so you can hear what you’ve been missing. Open up a world of detail other gamers will never know — the rustle of a camper’s boot, the scuttle in a distant vent. Its independent audio and microphone volume control lets you adjust not only sound volume but also mic volume and easily toggle Surround Sound 7.1 or the mic sound on and off.
  • This next-generation headset generates virtual 7.1 surround sound1 with distance and depth to enhance your gaming, movie, or music experience. Pinpoint your opponents’ location in the game and strike before he sees you coming. It’s hardware-driven and plug and play, with no driver needed
  • It has a digitally enhanced, noise-canceling microphone with automatic gain control functionality and echo cancellation enabled through the USB sound card.


All the three Gaming Headphones coming under “the Best Gaming Headphones under 10000” category. So according to your budget choose anyone and enjoy your gaming. If you have any doubts/ suggestions or want to know about ant smart-gadget, then comment below.

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