Iphone Users Will Meet These New Features After Whatsapp Update

iPhone users will get these new features after Whatsapp update

Whatsapp has given its first update of this year. Facebook-owned Whatsapp has released an update for iPhone users on Monday and it will give some new features to the users. In this, users can reply personally in any group chat, with this they can put stickers on the picture or video. The Reply Private feature has been available for Android users since last month. According to the App Store, the number of this new version of Whatsapp is 2.19.10.

Now WhatsApp users on iPhone can also reply personally to group chats. Earlier, Whatsapp used to give the option of personal reply only to those who have not been a member of the group for a long time. To reply personally, users will have to tap and hold the message, then go to the more option, go to reply privately. Now you are a Whatsapp user, then you can put stickers and media on photos or videos.

Apart from stickers and reply privately on media, Whatsapp is also giving 3D Touch to iPhone users. It will also give the option to mute the Whatsapp status. It is based on the user, they can mute the status if they want.

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