Samsung Galaxy fold in just 70000 save 48 thousand on olx second hand new price is above 1 lakh, what is the price for Samsung Galaxy fold?

The Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone is an attractive mobile phone. It has two screens, one of which folds the screen and if unfolded, the user gets a big screen experience. The price of this brand new smartphone is Rs 1,18,490, while from the second hand market, you can buy it for just Rs 70 thousand and there is a chance to save Rs 48 thousand on it. Before getting to know about the deal in detail, let us know its specifications.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Fold

The most attractive feature in the Samsung Galaxy fold is its screen, which folds. When unfolded, it gets a 7.3-inch screen, which is an AMOLED panel. Also, after folding, it has a screen on the outside, which is 4.6 inches and also has an AMOLED panel.

The hinge is used on the back panel, due to which it folds. Samsung has given the Exynos 9825 processor in this smartphone. It also has 12 GB RAM and 512 GB RAM. This phone works on Android OS. It has a 4380 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Camera Setup

A total of six cameras have been given in the Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone. 16 megapixel ultra wide camera, 12 megapixel regular camera and 12 megapixel telephoto camera on the back panel. Apart from this, two cameras are provided on the front side, which are 10 megapixels and 8 megapixels. It also had a 10-megapixel camera above the 4.6-inch screen.

What’s the deal on Samsung Galaxy fold

The Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphone is listed on OLX. 9 photos of this phone have been posted by Sailor. The seller told that all the accessories are being given in it. Also, there is not a single scratch on this smartphone. The cellar is also providing a mobile cover with it, which he has given in his post. However, the seller has not told how old this phone is. We recommend that you check the condition of the phone yourself before proceeding into the deal and do not pay without seeing the phone.

Advice: Before purchasing any smartphone from OLX, also check all the bills, boxes, IMEI numbers. Do your research before proceeding with the deals on OLX. Many cases of fraud are also reported through this site. This is why it is important to first check the phone in your hand. Look at the phone’s port etc. carefully and if needed, try to charge once. Do not show any haste in taking the phone. Apart from this, you can also show the phone at the service center, so that all your doubts can be cleared. Take the phone and give money only after being undecided.

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