Unique Gadgets Under 2000 Rupees Budget | If you want the best gift for someone, then see this list

If you want the best gift on the new year, then see this list

Today, new gadgets keep coming in the market every day and due to this increasing number, people do not understand what to take. If your budget is up to Rs 2000 and you are confused which gadget to get. So we have brought you the best gadgets under 2000 rupees.

Runaway Alarm Clock (Price Rs 1,291)

running clock

If you do not wake up every morning then this gadget is made for you. Although no special technology has been used in this gadget, but it does its job well. Actually, as soon as this alarm clock rings, it starts moving from its place.

In such a situation, to turn off the alarm of this clock, you will have to leave the bed. Believe me, its sound will force you to leave the bed. If you are wondering what would happen if this clock fell off the table. So let us tell you that this watch has been made keeping all these things in mind.

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Mi Body Composition Scale (Rs 1,999)

Mi body composition scale

If you pay a lot of attention to your fitness, then this Xioami gadget will be very effective for you. You can connect this body composition scale to your smartphone with Xiaomi’s Mi Fit app. It tells not only the weight but many other things too. Whenever someone is standing on this scale, after 3 seconds the LED will light in it and you will start seeing some other things like weight, muscle mass, BMI, visceral fat, bone mass, body score, body fat on your phone.

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Syska Smart Bulb (Price 1,599)

syska LED

You can control this smart bulb of Syska not only from your smartphone but also from Amazon Alexa. You will get the option of 30 lakh colors in this bulb and it supports both Android and iOS.

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Xiaomi Smart wi-fi Power Strip (Price Rs 1300)

MI smart power stip

This smart power strip from Xiaomi also gives you control and also works as power saving. You can control this strip from the Mi Home app.

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Unique Gadget 10 in 1 Toolkit (Price Rs.499)

unique toolkit 10 in 1

You can do ten things with this one toolkit. It also has a stapler, scissors, bottle opener, pencil sharpener and one meter of lace.

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