Xiaomi unveil 200W wired HyperCharge phone battery full charge in just 8 minute, what is the best mobile charger

Xiaomi has unveiled the new HyperCharge technology, which works with a 200-watt charger. With the help of this one smart Fone Can be charged in just 8 minutes. This information has been given by the company itself by tweeting from its official Twitter account.

The test is done by the company on the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, which has a 4000 mAh battery, which was charged in just 8 minutes. While the phone has been shown only 15 minutes full charge with a 120 watt wireless charger. Information about when this technology will be launched has not been given. Let’s say that phones like Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra and iQOO 7 support 120 watt charger.

The company has also posted a video of 1 minute 11 seconds in its tweet. In this, the company has shown a new charging technology, which is named HyperCharge. Xiaomi has completed this test on the custom m11 pro smartphone. However, not much information has been revealed about this technique yet. Battery life can be affected by charging the phone with this speed, for which steps the company has taken, it has not been informed.

Earlier this year, Xiaomi had informed about another charging technology, with the help of which the smartphone can be charged in the air itself. Xiaomi has named this charging technology as Mi Air Charger. This device has the ability to charge the phone from 2 meters away. This technology will not be limited to just smartphones but it will support smartwatches, speakers, desk lamps and other home products.

Although there is no information about when these two technologies will knock in the market. But after knocking the HyperCharge technology, people will get a lot of benefit, because this smartphone will be charged up to 0-100 percent in just one tea time.

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